Musical Theatre

They say the neon lights are bright on Broadway! Come join us and see for yourself! The musical theater class at Peacocks Performing Arts Center will provide a fun and interactive learning experience for students interested in exploring dance, music, and acting. The class will incorporate elements such as improvisation, stage presence, character development, script analysis and writing, proper vocal technique for stage singing, and dance in the Broadway style. Students will create, explore, grow and motivate each other as they work their way toward becoming “triple threats” on stage!

Musical Theatre 1 – (1st – 6th grade)

Musical Theatre 2 – (7th – 12th grade)


Come learn about the exciting world of theater at Peacocks Performing Arts Center! The acting class will explore elements of theater such as improvisation, stage movement and blocking, script analysis and writing, speaking on stage, character development, stage performance, and much more. Students will develop and explore the principles of acting with their peers in scenes, as well as gain confidence to perform solo monologues. In this fun and encouraging environment, students will develop skills in acting that will remain beneficial throughout their lives. Whether they are preparing to recite a poem in class, or audition to be the next big hit on Broadway, they’ll be ready!

Pageant Coaching

Pageants provide girls with wonderful tools for life!

We focus on skills in interview, public speaking, walking and confidence! When talent is part of the pageant we provide choreography, help in song selection and assist in editing your song for the perfect pageant talent!